Will the H-2B Visa Program Meet Your Workforce Needs?

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The H-2B visa is classified as a nonimmigrant temporary work visa. The program was developed for foreign laborers seeking to work at non-agricultural jobs that occur due to a shortage of U.S. workers to fill the positions. The U.S. does limit the number for H-2B visas issued per fiscal year.

Here’s what we cover in the H-2B Visa Informational Guide:

  • H-2B Visa Changes
  • What’s the Difference Between the H-2B Visa and the H-1B Visa?
  • H-2B Visa Worker Eligibility
  • H-2B Visa Employer Requirements
  • H-2B Visa Employer Wage Requirements 
  • H-2B Fraud
  • Worker Visa Violations
  • Best Practices for H-2B Visa Compliance
  • Trends and Statistics in H-2B Guest Worker Program

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